Vietnam: Hanoi

I’ve spent a great 2.5 weeks in Vietnam.
First stop Hanoi. Enjoyed exploring the city on foot. So many mopeds! Driving is crazy and there are few traffic lights. Even when there are don’t assume anyone will stop! Slowly but surely is the way to go.

We weave around the traffic and sit down on tiny plastic red stools next to a tiny plastic table where our drinks order is placed. Coffee with a small jug of condensed milk – an acquired taste! Meanwhile a fruit seller wearing a conical hat passes and I quickly sketch her before she disappears behind parked mopeds. Then whilst sipping the very sweet coffee I sketch two men seated next to us enjoying a drink and a catch up whilst on their mobile phones.

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a great city. It still retains the charm of it’s past. It’s most apparent in the Old Quarter with its many monuments including temples and pagodas. We explore the markets in the old town with the amazing range of smells and food which stay open til the late hours. In the French Quarter I spot a flower seller sitting alone awaiting customers. Eventually another group join her. April is the harvest season for Lillies so there were many to be seen whilst I was there. Very pretty and nice to draw.

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