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Wimbledon tennis

Made it to Wimbledon again this year. Very lucky last year to get women final tickets through the public ballot. This year, also happy to receive entry ticket’s to grounds and number 1 court. Sat on Henman Hill to watch the Nadal v Djokovic final along with thousands of others.  Bit of a squeeze but got a good spot and there was a great atmosphere. Enjoyed picnic with wine in the humid heat. Before I got absorbed in the tennis, I did a few sketches.

Wimbledon Ladies final 2010

Strawberries and cream anyone?

I was fortunate to get a couple of tickets through the public ballot for the Ladies Wimbledon final. Had a great day! I’ve never been before despite living nearby. Corks were popping, cameras snapping and sun blazing. We made it onto Henman hill with a pint beforehand and I had a little sketch whilst watching a doubles match on the big screen.  There was a  great atmosphere on Centre Court. The final itself was a little one sided. Unsurprisingly Serena Williams won again. She’s amazing to watch. So powerful. Managed to sketch a little on centre court too. Was a bit fiddly getting the colours out and I was a little worried I might spill green ink all over my immaculate looking neighbour. Far too much white clothing to risk it so I stuck to my trusted black pen and moleskin. I’d love to go back and use colour!