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Euromast, Rotterdam

Took a quick trip to the Euromast (tower) in Rotterdam. I was excited to go on the euroscoop that rotates to the top (185m high). I sat down and as it rotated I could feel the clunky movement beneath my feet and looking downwards, I instantly became frozen to the spot yet again. There was an audio guide but I can’t say I heard a word of it. Relieved to get off!

Fortunately, I had no anxiety on the main viewing platforms and so I did a few sketches looking towards the Erasmus bridge. Fantastic view! It was a fine day and you can see out towards Antwerp. I could just make out the New York hotel, dwarfed by all the surrounding skyscrapers. (See May 9th 2011)



I love sketching in Amsterdam. There’s so much to see! The architecture and canals always catch my eye and  I particularly enjoy trying to capture all the cyclists that pass by. I could quite easily sit in a bar all day sketching city life. I’ve included a sketch of the Westertoren which has the tallest tower in Amsterdam.  I’ll be including a number of sketches from Holland on my blog.