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Glorious day in Eastbourne yesterday. I visited the Towner gallery and saw the exhibition – A Radical View: William Gear as curator 1958-64. Wonderful paintings and prints on display from well known and less celebrated British artists selected by the painter William Gear. Particularly eye catching (for me) were Harold Mockford and Julian Trevelyan’s landscape paintings and Michael Rothenstein’s Cockerel print. It’s free and well worth visiting.

I also took the opportunity to drop off my cards at the Towner Gallery shop. I will have a new tennis card available at the Towner Gallery in time for the Eastbourne Tennis Championships commencing on June 20th so watch this space!

As the weather was so sunny I took a stroll along the seafront and promenade. Got my collapsible stool out, listened to music and had a sketch. I’ve bought some new Liquitex paint pens and experimented with stronger colour.

Brighton Wheel

I made it to the Brighton Wheel on sunday morning. I went early to take a look. There were only a couple of people hanging about at the entrance and it was open so I thought I’d go on a ride. An adult ticket costs £8 which takes you round 3 times. The wheel is much smaller than the London eye and the pods seat 4/6. I had my own pod and took the opportunity to sketch. It goes quite quickly. I think they should slow it down a little then it would be easier to draw! I cheekily asked if I could go around again as there were only a few people there and the wheel continued on it’s cycle. ‘No, sorry’ came the reply. Pity – worth a try. Would have liked to sketch for longer. Great view. So nice to see Brighton from a different perspective. No fear of heights this time. Thank goodness!

Continued walking on the seafront and sketched along Marine Parade and towards the Wheel.

Brighton Petanque (boules)

After a tasty full breakfast with a friend at Bills and visit to the Apple Store, I took a walk away from the crowds towards Hove. When I saw a group of people playing boules, I stopped and observed. I did have the urge to join in as I like a good game of boules (especially when it’s warm!)  I liked the concentration and the poses of the players. They stayed relatively still which was nice for a change too.