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Amsterdam roof tops

I like a good panoramic view so I decided to return to the cafe with my pastels and inks.  I noticed the bar upstairs was closed and asked the waitress if she wouldn’t mind if I sketched there. She kindly said it was ok so I sat and did a few larger drawings. It was surprisingly hot. It felt like I was sitting in a green house! I squinted through the glass and sketched the roof tops and distinctive gabled buildings.

Amsterdam pen and ink

I’m back in Amsterdam. Travelling lighter today and after window shopping on Kalverstraat, went for a coffee at a roof top cafe. Great view! Took out my moleskin and did a few line drawings of the roof tops and gothic style Nieuwe Kerk.

Afterwards walked towards Centraal Station. The weather took a turn for the worse so stopped off at the library. Enjoyed reading and sitting in a comfy pod sketching the view out the window.