Tag: Old town

Hoi An

In the morning we stopped off at the beautiful Tam Giang lagoon and ate prawns freshly caught and cooked in garlic. Then we headed to the historical Hoi An. Once settled at our hotel, we walk to the old town. Very pretty with it’s many old Japanese merchant houses which are now tailor shops and bars/restaurants. More temples, pagodas and the lovely little Japanese bridge (built in the 1590’s) which I sketched whilst sipping coconut milk. It’s a modern day icon of Hoi An and even features on the 20000Dong note.

It’s much more laid back here compared with the hustle and bustle of Hanoi and Hue and so we hire a moped. Was great heading to the beach and rice fields. Also drove by the riverside which was once a port. I sketched the pretty buildings and boats lining the river. Also enjoyed sitting at the bars having a cold beer and occasional cocktail.

Hastings Fish

Always enjoy returning to Hastings. I was at the Jerwood gallery and stopped off at the fish shop nearby. Had an interesting chat with the owner about the Old Town. The window displays are always impressive. Tried to sketch as quickly as I could so I wasn’t blocking the view for passers by. So much to draw – monkfish, mackerel, mullet, crab, prawns, sprats . . . you name it, it was there! I used some artistic license to incorporate the most interesting (or prettiest) fish.