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Leiden market

I had a few hours to myself so headed to Leiden market. It’s always busy on a Saturday especially now Christmas is coming up. I enjoy sitting outside cafes with a coffee and my sketch book. I planted myself opposite a fruit and veg stall and kept swapping seats to get different views and perspectives.

Heading home I stopped off at the park and was struck by how autumnal it looked. Generally the trees are looking much more skeletal but the trees here had an amazing orange glow in contrast to some darker green leaves.


Another favourite city to visit in the Netherlands is Leiden. It’s particularly lively on Saturdays when the market is on. On this occasion I was here for a couple of hours mid week. I took a walk up the Burcht, an old 11th century stone keep built on top of a hill. There are lovely views over Leiden and a particularly good view towards the Pieterskerk. I enjoyed drawing the Gothic church with all it’s angles and the surrounding houses and skeletal trees.

Hortus Botanicus, Leiden

A friend invited me to do some sketching at the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden.  The botanical gardens are set back from Leiden university and it’s easy to walk by without knowing they exist.  I’m so glad I visited! The sun was out on friday and I soon discover that as well as home to many beautiful plants and flowers, it’s also a place where people meet and relax. When I wasn’t chatting and sipping coffee in the friendly cafe, I enjoyed sitting by the river and sketching anything that caught my eye from a family passing in a boat to sun bathers reading. I felt a little guilty not drawing more flowers so I made sure I incorporated some daffodils in my last sketch.