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Always enjoy visiting Utrecht. It’s been a busy few weeks and it was lovely taking time out to relax by the canal and sketch. I included¬† the Dom tower in both drawings.


I walked toward the centre of Utrecht and sketched the view leading up to the Dom tower. Once there, I rested my pad against a railing (squeezing between parked bikes) and did a few drawings. There’s a good art shop nearby and just as I was about to pop in, three parked scooters caught my eye. I rummaged in my bag for a black, yellow and red pen and as soon as I did, three ladies turned up and hopped on the black, red and yellow scooters. Before they drove off I did this sketch.


Took a trip to Utrecht. Famous for it’s medieval architecture, canals and Miffy! There are many shops and art galleries too. Stopped by the Australian Aboriginal Art museum which has a Cobra exhibition running alongside the Aboriginal art. It was overrun by school kids so I didn’t stick around for too long!
I felt like I was on a school trip as I followed another group of teenage students toward the Centraal Museum.

At the museum there’s an exhibition of Utrecht architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld known for ‘that chair’ (1918). It’s a fascinating show and I was surprised there were so few visitors. It shows his contribution to 20th century design alongside contempories such as Le Corbusier. Interesting to see how he has influenced other designers today and amusing to see other artist/ designers interpretation of his Red-Blue Chair. Being a lego fan (at least I was in my youth) I really liked Mario Minale’s chair made entirely from lego. There’s also a chair that was constructed by students at the Rietveld Academy in the 1980s protesting at cutbacks in education and very relevant today.

There are alot of architect models and plans. I was immediately drawn to a tiny model made out of cardboard. Rietveld made this on a train journey after he was given a brief to design a Sculpture Pavilion. It was later built in Sonsbeek, NL.

Afterwards I did a quick sketch of the view from the Centraal Museum.

Next stop Miffy museum. I’ve visited before and never tire of seeing his books covers and posters on display. There are also play areas for children and films of Miffy creator Dick Bruna including a personal favourite of Dick Bruna illustrating one of his books in his Utrecht studio.

Afterwards I sketched a bridge over the canal with the magnificent Dom tower in the background. Then sketched a view of the canals.