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Amsterdam Central Library

Not quite so windy today. Started off at Princes Island. I love this area of Amsterdam. So much character with converted warehouses, pretty bridges and boats on the canal. Sketched quickly before a downpour of rain. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired to draw but I sat down on a bench and looked ahead of me. I love sketching because it makes you look and you start noticing things that you would normally overlook. When I started drawing I sketched the houses and then noticed a heron and a coot. Then a pigeon appeared. Not very prominent in my drawing as I dashed off to take cover. Will return.

Rain subsided and sketched towards the station.

Then walked to the central library. Laptop in bag too and took a few breaks to draw. I sat in the library cafe on the top floor. There’s a  bar near the food area and so I sat on a stall with a coffee, listened to Goldfrapp on my ipod and sketched the food on display and the visitors. A few people even ducked when they saw me sketching as they didn’t want to get in the way!  I enjoyed sketching the rows of milkshakes with straws and the surrounding fresh fruit.

The library and cafe was really busy today. I quickly sketched a group of students reading on a table. As soon as I started drawing, half of the party got up and left so I drew from memory.