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Early Thursday morning was spent in Amsterdam and I returned to the public library. Sketched behind St Nicholaas church. So quiet and peaceful ( except for a few road sweepers). Very relaxing.

On Saturday, the whole city came alive for Amsterdam Canal Pride. On arrival, there were already thousands of people looking out of windows and waiting on bridges and by the canal ledge. Very lucky to find a good spot and sit down as there was still over an hour before the parade started. Sat behind a boat party blasting out dance tracks. All the party goers were very exposed on top of the boat but didn’t stop them having a good time. Couldn’t resist doing a few sketches and tried to capture some of the funky (and not so funky) dance moves!

The sun was out for the Canal parade. Great atmosphere and dance music. Lots of balloons, banners, fancy dress and fun! The parade ran for over 2 hours and then the heavens opened and I abandoned a sketch before taking cover under a cafe’s awning. Lasted about 10 minutes and fortunately the sun returned for the rest of the day.