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Whilst in Holland, I worked on a few linocuts. Now back in the UK, I went to the Ink Spot Press in Brighton and printed two of them.  It’s great because they have a hydraulic relief press. Press a button and it does all the work so you don’t have to! Now I can concentrate on mixing the inks and registering the artwork without building up too much of a sweat. Here are the prints ‘Cafe in Copenhagen’ and ‘Walking in the Jordaan’ drying in the rack. I’ll be including them in my exhibition in november.



Snow and Ice

It’s been a cold few weeks. I sketched the sledgers in Lewes Paddock. Fingers were cold so they had to be quick!

I also took a visit to the ice rink at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. Fortunately there’s an indoor cafe/restaurant next to the ice rink so I sat, drank coffee and watched the ice skaters. I must admit I was conscious of looking slightly odd sketching and laughing when people fell over. I tried to capture some of these moments in the drawings.