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Brighton Wheel

I made it to the Brighton Wheel on sunday morning. I went early to take a look. There were only a couple of people hanging about at the entrance and it was open so I thought I’d go on a ride. An adult ticket costs £8 which takes you round 3 times. The wheel is much smaller than the London eye and the pods seat 4/6. I had my own pod and took the opportunity to sketch. It goes quite quickly. I think they should slow it down a little then it would be easier to draw! I cheekily asked if I could go around again as there were only a few people there and the wheel continued on it’s cycle. ‘No, sorry’ came the reply. Pity – worth a try. Would have liked to sketch for longer. Great view. So nice to see Brighton from a different perspective. No fear of heights this time. Thank goodness!

Continued walking on the seafront and sketched along Marine Parade and towards the Wheel.