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De la Warr Pavilion

Spent a gloriously sunny afternoon at the De la Warr Pavilion (DLWP) and nearby beach.

I really enjoyed the exhibitions at the DLWP. Firstly Ivan Chemayeff who has made a big impact on the world of advertising and design. He also happens to be the son of  Serge Chermayeff, one of DLWPs architect’s. This exhibition shows some of his commercial work for companies including Mobil and his personal work including many prints and collages. They’re fun and playful incorporating  letters, colourful shapes and magazine cuttings. Interesting too to see pages from his children’s books. They remind me of Paul and Anne Rands children’s books from the 50s and 60s.

The Otto Dix exhibition in contrast shows a series of etchings  (Der Kreig) depicting the savages of  the 1st World War. As a German soldier in the front line he experienced first hand the atrocities of war. Wonderfully drawn and using the etching process to maximum effect, he depicts many scenes from people escaping air attack to enlisting troops.

Not a day to spend too much time indoors so enjoyed a drink on the balcony and did some sketching. I moved outside afterwards and sketched the surrounding area. The DLWP is a great example of 1930’s architecture and I enjoyed drawing it. I have included a few drawings here and more will be on show at my exhibition at the St Annes Gallery in September.

De La Warr Pavilion

At the weekend, I took a trip to the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill.  Since it’s renovation five or so years ago, I’ve enjoyed visiting when I can. Love the art deco building and there are ongoing exhibitions and events. I caught the end of the Moving Portraits exhibition. It’s interesting viewing portraits as films instead of paintings. Work includes a film of David Beckham sleeping by Sam Taylor Wood. I don’t believe he’s asleep – no-one looks that good! Also a young Gilbert and George not doing very much and Robert Mapplethorpe’s portrait of Patti Smith. I liked seeing Andy Warhols screen tests from the 60’s.

I sketched outside and watched people arriving. There’s alot of construction work going on so I’ll come back to do a view from the beach.