Sunday morning in Brighton

Its been such a beautiful morning. After stopping off at Lewes Car boot sale and buying a 50s dish (haggled down from £10 to £6 –pretty good!) I went to Brighton. I love the seafront in the morning. I wanted to draw on the pier but it wasn’t open so ended up at a good vantage point nearby. A couple of fisherman called Neil and Gary were there. I asked if they didn’t mind being sketched which fortunately they didn’t. I was there about half an hour and there was a lot of waiting- not much fish! Although whilst I was there, Gary did catch a small fish which he informed me was called a 5 Bearded Rockling. I was hoping for a big salmon to draw but I think that would have been unrealistic!

I really like the view under the arches with the artist studios and old boats. I remember going as an art student and sticking small shells and drift wood in my sketchbook (which later tore the pages and fell out!). There are wooden huts selling sea food and merchandise. I sketched people walking towards me and sat and watched passers by. I liked all the pigeons wandering around and the old nautical machinery. Even the red bollards were fun to draw!

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