De la Warr Pavilion

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to the coast to and the De la Warr Pavilion at Bexhill On Sea. You couldn’t miss the bus suspended from the roof of the building. It even rocked! Richard Wilsons ‘Hang on a Minute Lads, I’ve a great idea…’ is inspired by the iconic cliff top scene from The Italian Job. Fantastic! No sign of Michael Cane but there was a BBC film crew and Mark Kermode. On the ground floor there are four moving image artworks titled ‘Everything Flows’ The Art of Getting in the Zone.  I really enjoyed watching the sometimes repetitive nature of sport on large screens. Strangely hypnotic. Jumping and dropping the ball in a net, practicing the run up to the pole vault and hitting the hockey ball at goal. Showing athletes working individually and as a team. We see the athletes at the big events and its easy to forget all the effort and training that goes on before. Bring on the Olympics!!

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