Cologne, Germany

Saturday was spent in Cologne, Germany. Parked centrally and walked to the Cathedral, unmissable with it’s distinctive twin towers. We joined the large number of visitors to view the impressive interior with it’s large, colourful stain glass windows, particularly beautiful on such a sunny day.

Walked along the path leading to the zoo and took a cable car to get a good view of the city. The cable cars seat 2 (4 at a squeeze) and the ascent was bumpy. My heart was in my mouth when we swung over the river Rhine and motorway! Fortunately, the view made up for my acrophobia. I managed to do a quick sketch above the Rheinpark towards the Hohenzollern bridge.

On return to terra ferma, we walked through the sculpture park and I did a quick sketch of the view towards the centre of town.

I noticed a banner for the Kathe Kollwitz museum. Its slightly hidden away on the top floor of a small shopping centre. I wasn’t expecting to be the only visitor and enjoyed having the freedom to look and ponder. Much of Kollwitz’s work dating from 1901 til 1941 is preoccupied with the theme of death, war and social justice. Her drawings are incredibly moving. Often they show people in dispair and the strength of her drawing, espcially hands and faces, makes them so powerful.  I really like her wood cuts and etchings particularly her self portraits and mother and child pictures.

After stopping off at a cafe next to the St Aposteln church and walking in the shopping area, we sat in Fischmarkt square with a beer.  I sketched the Medieval townhouses and the 13th century Great St Martins Benedictine church. It’s a fun place to hang out. Great atmosphere!

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