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Dunkirk to Dover

Not the usual Easy Jet flight from Schipol to London. This time we caught the ferry. Haven’t travelled on a ferry for years! I’ve memories of school trips from Newhaven to Dieppe on choppy seas and feeling very sick. Fortunately on friday, it was a lovely day with calm seas and the journey was 2 hours instead of 4. Had a walk around the ship and settled on a table to read and sketched passers by. Very relaxing.


Returned to Dungeness in Kent with a friend, Simon, who loves bird watching. Spotted a few egrets and lapwings (Haven’t mastered the art of looking through binoculars and sketching yet!)  Dungeness is great for bird watching and a strangely appealing place with it’s shingle beach and power station. It’s photographers heaven here with it’s exposed landscape and abandoned, weather worn boats and huts. We walked to the top of the Old Lighthouse and I sketched the view towards Romney Hythe. I looked out at the miniature railway and sketched the fisherman’s cottages and electricity pylons that scatter the landscape.

We wandered around Derek Jarmans, Prospect Cottage too. I did a quick sketch of the plants, driftwood and scrap metal sculptures in the garden.

Borough Market

I enjoy visiting Borough market throughout the year. It’s impossible to visit without sampling food from at least one of the stalls. I generally can’t resist queuing up for a burger. There’s a great atmosphere as well as wonderful food and drink. It does get touristy but jostling through the crowds is all part of the experience. I’ve done a number of sketches here including bigger drawings that can be seen in the ‘Drawings’ section of my website. Whilst I was doing one of my larger drawings, an elderly lady came and sat next to me on a bench and gave me advice on how to use light. I don’t think she was overly impressed with my efforts!