Category: Sport

Sports Bar print

I’ve just proofed a new Boston sports bar linocut print. I’ve been playing around with colours. Originally I printed the basket ball court (on the TV) green as the Boston Celtics were playing on a green court when I did my sketch. However it appeared to confuse friends as you associate football with a green pitch and they’re playing basket ball! Anyway I’m sticking with orange . . .

Dunkirk to Dover

On my way back to Blighty from Dunkirk. The journey went so quickly. First day of the Olympics so parked myself amongst other sports fans in front of a big TV! Rowing and swimming heats. Great to see. Sketched fellow spectators and less interested travellers.

Scheveningen, The Hague

The sun was out so headed to Simonis for fish and chips. Then watched national beach volleyball players competing on the beach at Scheveningen. Great to watch (although annoying techno music between points- I must be getting old!). I particularly enjoyed the open volleyball tournament with local teams of all abilities. There were also lots of surfers and paddle boarders.

Brighton Petanque (boules)

After a tasty full breakfast with a friend at Bills and visit to the Apple Store, I took a walk away from the crowds towards Hove. When I saw a group of people playing boules, I stopped and observed. I did have the urge to join in as I like a good game of boules (especially when it’s warm!)  I liked the concentration and the poses of the players. They stayed relatively still which was nice for a change too.

Lewes Rugby

Whilst walking across the Stanley Turner ground, Lewes, I caught the end of a rugby game. Lewes were playing Eastbourne and they won! My father was running the line and I stood nearby and did a few sketches. I like the kits and watching the crowd’s reaction to the game.  Some of the drawings were just random arms and legs. These are a few of the better ones. Really enjoy capturing the movement.  There were no scrums at my end of the pitch. Now that would be a challenge! ( . . .maybe next time)