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Lewes (cont…)

I do circuit training every week. A group of us jog to different areas in Lewes and do circuits there. One favourite spot is the Paddock. Running up and down the hill I started to appreciate the wonderful view up to the castle. I returned when it happened to be a school lunch break so included the students hanging out and playing football.

Lewes drawings

There’s only a few weeks until the start of Lewes Artwave. I’m taking part again this year, showing work at my studio at Pastorale Antiques. I’ll also have work on show at the St Annes Gallery. Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting drawings that I’ve been doing around town. Always like drawing in cafes so what better place to start than Bills!


Normally I’m so preoccupied with what I’m doing inside the studio that I don’t stop to look at what’s going on outside. There’s actually lots to see in the courtyard. A wonderful selection of  garden furniture for sale and it’s interesting watching visitors to the Buttercup cafe and Pastorale Antiques. I don’t know why I hadn’t sketched the view before!

From the Artist Studio

During the Lewes Artwave, the St Annes gallery has an exhibition ‘From the Artist Studio’ which has a great selection of paintings, prints and drawings. Some of my screenprints and linocuts are also on display.

Please see the website for more information