Amsterdam churches

Before my regular visit to Amsterdam Central library,  I ended up walking parallel to the Prinsengracht canal and the Noorderkerk caught my eye. Many house boats line the canal so looked for a good spot to sketch. I sat down on my matt, spread out my pens, listened to my ipod and looked. I do like drawing churches. This church designed by Hendrick de Keyser has a distinctive cross shaped design and a  small central bell tower. In front of me was a lovely house boat which had coloured bulbs suspended from the roof. I’m sure it would be very relaxing sitting out on the deck in the evening looking out towards the Joordaan. Very pretty.

I headed back towards the station. I passed the Koepelkerk with it’s distinctive copper dome earlier but had trouble finding a view that wasn’t obscurred by trees. Walking back towards the station, I saw a bike tower.
Walked to the top and looked out over the city. Great view!

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