Utrecht Cafe linocut

I’ve just finished a new cafe linocut. The scene I composed from drawings I made in a coffee shop in Utrecht. This time when I printed the colour I tried the reduction method. So I worked on one piece of lino and printed 3 tones of cream/yellow and then two tones of grey. I’ve limited the edition to just 20. I really enjoyed the approach and will use it again for my next print.


Another favourite city to visit in the Netherlands is Leiden. It’s particularly lively on Saturdays when the market is on. On this occasion I was here for a couple of hours mid week. I took a walk up the Burcht, an old 11th century stone keep built on top of a hill. There are lovely views over Leiden and a particularly good view towards the Pieterskerk. I enjoyed drawing the Gothic church with all it’s angles and the surrounding houses and skeletal trees.