St Pauls print

April 15th, 2013

After visiting the Tate Modern, I recently did some sketching on the Millennium Bridge towards St Pauls. I felt a bit exposed sketching at the end of the bridge with people walking towards me. Normally I hide in a corner! This is a larger scale linocut (59x42cm). Here it is hanging in the studio.

New prints

April 12th, 2013

I often like working on a few prints at a time. I appear to worry less and not get too bogged down if they don’t work out as anticipated. Here’s a linocut of a view towards the Empire State building. When I visited New York, I did a few sketches at the top of the Rock. I really enjoyed the view and watching people looking out at the Manhattan skyline. I particularly liked it here as there weren’t so many people and I had room to sketch (unlike the Empire State Building!).

The print (below) is based on drawings I made in Camden (walking towards primrose hill). I had to feature the friendly blackbird who kept me company whilst I was sketching.