Barry Kirk at Emma Mason’s Gallery

I took a trip to Eastbourne to see Barry Kirks prints at Emma Mason’s gallery. It was the opening day and wonderful to see his etchings and lithographs from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Particularly like ‘Pleasance frying Tomatoes (2)’ and ‘kitchen sink’ etchings. Great to meet him, view a portfolio of his drawings and hear the stories behind his work. His drawings of children running and playing from the 50’s have so much energy and movement. Fantastic! The exhibition runs until May 12th.

Dunkirk to Dover

Not the usual Easy Jet flight from Schipol to London. This time we caught the ferry. Haven’t travelled on a ferry for years! I’ve memories of school trips from Newhaven to Dieppe on choppy seas and feeling very sick. Fortunately on friday, it was a lovely day with calm seas and the journey was 2 hours instead of 4. Had a walk around the ship and settled on a table to read and sketched passers by. Very relaxing.