Old Steine

It’s been a busy couple of weeks freelancing. I woke up on Saturday and needed sea air. Glorious sunshine so I headed to Brighton in the morning hoping I would get there before anyone else did. Wishful thinking. I wandered the lanes and sat on a bench in the Old Steine and got my pens out. There were a number of people drinking coffee at the art deco cafe. I sketched some of the visitors. A gentleman who was sitting on the bench caught my eye. I liked his pose. Very relaxing until a chain smoking couple sat next to me!¬† After having a friendly chat I decided to move on to a different bench and sketched the houses ahead of me. A classic red Routemaster¬† bus passed . . . and then a seagull . . . so I incorporated them into the scene.

Walked towards Hove. It was heaving!

Sat by the peace statue. I like this spot and did another sketch looking towards brighton. I was here sketching last summer. Last time an HGV obscurred part of my view so I sketched the area that I missed.

Lots of people enjoying themselves in the park area.

The Drawing Circus

The Drawing Circus run by Jake Spicer was recommended to me so I decided to go along. I do go to life drawing classes when I can but this was life drawing like no other. Forget about drawing a model slumped in a chair! The theme was Grimm’s Fairy Tales and the Sallis Benney theatre, Brighton had been transformed into a fantastical scene. Some of the models were dressed up in costumes and masks and took on different characters inspired by the different stories. There was also a band who played continuously. I was a little thrown initially as it was quite dark and there was so much to absorb. After an hour or so I really got into it. There were alot of people drawing. The guy in front of me even had an i pad. I threw paint around and thoroughly enjoyed it. Really loved the acrobat who was balancing on a rope. I came away with so many drawings and after 7 hours I was exhausted!


Soho Square

I’m back at the Ink Spot Press, Brighton. Previously, I worked on a new linocut of Soho Square in Holland and tested colours there. Had a few issues with registration but I’ve learned a handy technique using pieces of card to ensure plates and paper register. The initial colours were created as a monoprint and then I printed the lino on top.