Linoprinting in Brighton

Back at the Ink Spot press, I’ve been printing a couple more linocuts. Here’s the moment of truth. Photo shows the inked up lino and I’m revealing the image after it’s been through the press. Previously I printed the colour in stages and this is the final black image of Central Station, Amsterdam. Always the exciting bit!

Brighton Wheel

I made it to the Brighton Wheel on sunday morning. I went early to take a look. There were only a couple of people hanging about at the entrance and it was open so I thought I’d go on a ride. An adult ticket costs £8 which takes you round 3 times. The wheel is much smaller than the London eye and the pods seat 4/6. I had my own pod and took the opportunity to sketch. It goes quite quickly. I think they should slow it down a little then it would be easier to draw! I cheekily asked if I could go around again as there were only a few people there and the wheel continued on it’s cycle. ‘No, sorry’ came the reply. Pity – worth a try. Would have liked to sketch for longer. Great view. So nice to see Brighton from a different perspective. No fear of heights this time. Thank goodness!

Continued walking on the seafront and sketched along Marine Parade and towards the Wheel.


Whilst in Holland, I worked on a few linocuts. Now back in the UK, I went to the Ink Spot Press in Brighton and printed two of them.  It’s great because they have a hydraulic relief press. Press a button and it does all the work so you don’t have to! Now I can concentrate on mixing the inks and registering the artwork without building up too much of a sweat. Here are the prints ‘Cafe in Copenhagen’ and ‘Walking in the Jordaan’ drying in the rack. I’ll be including them in my exhibition in november.

Pieterburen, Netherlands

It had to happen . . . I drew a windmill! I’ve passed so many but it was Windmill De Vier Winden in Pieterburen that made me want to get my sketch book out.

Pieterburen, in the northern part of Groningen is a nice place to stay. The gothic chuch there is really interesting. It was so quiet so I sat and sketched outside. I enjoyed using my red pastel for the red brick.

A group of us went mudflat hiking in the Wadden Sea. Lots of mud and lots of fun. Our boots are under there!