Scheveningen, The Hague

The sun was out so headed to Simonis for fish and chips. Then watched national beach volleyball players competing on the beach at Scheveningen. Great to watch (although annoying techno music between points- I must be getting old!). I particularly enjoyed the open volleyball tournament with local teams of all abilities. There were also lots of surfers and paddle boarders.

Gemeentermuseum, The Hague

At the weekend, I visited the Hague. Always enjoy having a flick through the mags and having a coffee at Gem photogallery and then visiting the Gemeentermuseum.
There’s an exhibition of Markus Lupertz’s paintings from the 60’s to the present day. He’s a very talented, charismatic artist and snappy dresser.  I really liked the variety of work and the close relationship between abstractionism and landscapes.
Certain parralells can be made with Maz Beckman, Baselitz and Picasso. I particularly like his paintings of boats and chalets in the snow (seen here). Very gutsy and experimental with his use of mixed media techiniques.  He’s used cardboard and black and white paint on this boat painting.  Chip board on the second painting works brilliantly as a corn field.

Amsterdam churches

Before my regular visit to Amsterdam Central library,  I ended up walking parallel to the Prinsengracht canal and the Noorderkerk caught my eye. Many house boats line the canal so looked for a good spot to sketch. I sat down on my matt, spread out my pens, listened to my ipod and looked. I do like drawing churches. This church designed by Hendrick de Keyser has a distinctive cross shaped design and a  small central bell tower. In front of me was a lovely house boat which had coloured bulbs suspended from the roof. I’m sure it would be very relaxing sitting out on the deck in the evening looking out towards the Joordaan. Very pretty.

I headed back towards the station. I passed the Koepelkerk with it’s distinctive copper dome earlier but had trouble finding a view that wasn’t obscurred by trees. Walking back towards the station, I saw a bike tower.
Walked to the top and looked out over the city. Great view!

Ripe Artwave

I will be taking part in the Lewes Art Wave again this year.

Please come along to ‘The Green House’ to see a great selection of sculpture, jewellery, accessories and art.
The Green House, The Street, Ripe, East Sussex, BN8 6AW
There will also be tea and home made cake!
Opening times:
Saturday 27th August to Monday 29th August 11am to 6pm
Friday 2nd September 5pm to 7.30pm Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September 11am to 6 pm
Friday 9th September 5pm to 7.30pm Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 11am to 6pm

More info can be found at:


Early Thursday morning was spent in Amsterdam and I returned to the public library. Sketched behind St Nicholaas church. So quiet and peaceful ( except for a few road sweepers). Very relaxing.

On Saturday, the whole city came alive for Amsterdam Canal Pride. On arrival, there were already thousands of people looking out of windows and waiting on bridges and by the canal ledge. Very lucky to find a good spot and sit down as there was still over an hour before the parade started. Sat behind a boat party blasting out dance tracks. All the party goers were very exposed on top of the boat but didn’t stop them having a good time. Couldn’t resist doing a few sketches and tried to capture some of the funky (and not so funky) dance moves!

The sun was out for the Canal parade. Great atmosphere and dance music. Lots of balloons, banners, fancy dress and fun! The parade ran for over 2 hours and then the heavens opened and I abandoned a sketch before taking cover under a cafe’s awning. Lasted about 10 minutes and fortunately the sun returned for the rest of the day.