After arriving in Berlin, we hopped on the 100 bus. Beware of low ceiling on top deck. Berlin buses aren’t as big as london buses! Jumping off at the Bauhaus museum we enjoyed some of the design work on display (produced at the Bauhaus from 1919 until 1932). With tutors such as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Josef Albers, it must have been an amazing place to study. Much of the work is recognised as design classics today. The Miles Van der Rohe chair a personal favourite. It’s easy to spend as much time in the shop as the exhibition. There are some lovely objects but they don’t come cheap!

Another favourite tourist hot spot is what’s left of the Berlin Wall . The most interesting part now has murals painted by international artists. The trabant cars that line the road are also eye catching. I crouched down to do a quick sketch. As soon as I started drawing, a bus load of tourists pulled up behind me and flocked around the car. I think they must have thought it was special. I hastily finished my drawing and moved on . . .

Here’s a sketch I did whilst waiting for the train back to Potsdam.


I had a day trip to Brussels. Surprisingly it’s only a couple of hours or so by car from Amsterdam. Here are a few sketches of the market place and palace. Enjoyed walking amongst the tourists, looking at the beautiful architecture and stopping for a glass of belgium beer.

Noordwijk Beach

Sun, sea, sand and an intimidating seagull! Here are a few sketches I did on the beach after going for a dip. There was an elderly, glamorous and v tanned lady who caught my eye and I couldn’t resist doing a quick sketch of her. I hide behind a big pair of sunglasses so I don’t think anyone can spot me! Always like a game of beach tennis and sketched a couple playing too. Here’s one of the drawings.